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Nisix Solutions is an outsourcing software development company and your reliable partner from Serbia for developing application from ground up. Whether you need prototyping and MVP development or consulting — we are here to help your business grow and succeed


We love software and do the best we can

Software development

We develop reliable and scalable enterprise software solutions for web. We bring together deep industry expertise and latest IT trends to deliver high rated software products. Our experts build, test, deploy digital solutions ensuring that they are always up and running.

IT Consulting

Our experts can help you build or upgrade your IT software products to a higher standard ensuring that software is reliable, rich and easy to maintain. With experience we help keep your software projects elegant and use the right tools to stay in touch with the latest technology and most common use cases.

Software support

We provide technical support via e-mail and live chat along with high level of customer service, excellent quality and response time.

UX/UI design

We can help you create the dynamic, engaging and simple design which your customers will love. Our designers take care that designs are attractive, elegant and yet easy to use.


We use popular and up-to-date technologies that are used for both small and enterprise software solutions

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We set things up from the beginning till the end taking care of quality and reliability

1. Workshop

2. Develop

3. Testing

4. Launch


It is very important that things are set right from the start and because of this we take care to lay the foundations of software right. We speak with our clients to better understand their business needs and to bring a good solution together. We research and analyze the competitive landscape and consult important things to stay in the right direction. We emphasize planning to minimize risk of misscomunication at the very least. Finally, we compile a document with the technical specifications, plan and timeline for project development.


Our developers will bring your vision to reality. We create custom software that is realiable and quality. In our company quality has the advantage over quantity which is why we make a product that will look elegant on the front and also the core of the application will be healthy, clean and readable which will be easy to maintain or upgrade. We make sprints that last 2/3 weeks where clients will be able to monitor our work and see for themselves the quality and accuracy.


Our quality assurance phase includes unit testing, integration testing, automation testing, manual testing, security testing and performance testing. We ensure that the final product is of high quality that means that bugs are reduced to few as possible. Every bug is reported and added to backlog and is taken care of shortly after it was reported.


We take care of our reputation and we want your project to be well developed and long lasting and we are here for a long time colaboration. We ensure that everything runs every second, every minute, every hour and as it should be. The ultimate project should be for the enjoyment of both your business and your clients.


A bit more about us

We are a outsourcing software development company from Serbia with years of experience developing high quality software that empowers your business. We do care about our products because our products define the value of the company and because of this we are focused and dedicated on creating first class software. We are not completely satisfied only if we sell software, we will be satisfied if that software will help your business grow and your if your clients are satisfied.

Our team consists of qualified developers, managers and designers with unique skill sets who strive for better software solutions. For us programming is not only a job for making money, it is our style of life. We are specialized in developing enterprise web application and consulting services. We build from ground up, custom, reliable, high quality software with clean UX design but yet secure and cost effective.

We are focused on software outsourcing development and strive to be better and better every day. Developing quality software at an affordable price is what sets Serbia apart.

We are based Serbia where good developers can be found very well and in a country that offers a good price for software engineering. We are proud of how much Serbia exports software and it shows that Serbia has the potential to evolve even faster towards IT.


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